November 29, 2016

Daycare for SALE (Enterprise)

Are you looking for an establish enterprise to invest? Académie Préscolaire Myriam is a reputed daycare with 50 seats capacity, full staff work environment and a fruitful enterprise in business since 2010.  If you are in search for turnkey business opportunity, here is one for you!

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Sudhabrata (Sudha) Halder`s interest in construction & real estate development started at the age of eight. His late father built a home for the family across his elementary school. Two decades later, with his hard work and passion, he has achieved the reputation as an expert in Quebec by his satisfied clients. He first opted from his academic life to explore the industries in 2007. He launched his first business venture, Management Build Canada (MBC) Inc., at the age of twenty four. In 2011, MBC Inc. became a federal corporation and began to expand across Canada by providing quality property & project management services. Apart from construction & renovation, Halder is known for his tough negotiation skills in real estate transactions. His skills have accomplished him the “Londono Realty Group (LRG) Inc. Sales Agent of the Month“ for consecutive times. As a realtor, he has also participated in a realty television show “The Property Shop“. The show aired on Home & Garden Television (HGTV) across North America. He was also a radio host for his French show “Maison et Rénos“ on CJLV 1570AM. Throughout the show, he would share his knowledge and experiences with his listeners. Halder`s most recent venture is the launch of “HALDER Realty Corp, (HRC) “. It`s a simple, accessible and reliable complete real estate hub for individual investors. He has combined his knowledge & technical knowhow to establish a system. It functions using a power team strategy directed by Halder`s strong leadership & management skills. The purpose is to make real estate investment a stress free decision for individuals.

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