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HALDER Realty Corp. (HRC)

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HALDER Realty Crop, (HRC) is designed for short and long term investors investing in the Canadian real estate market. Whether interested in revenue generating properties or immigrating as a foreign investor, investors can easily free themselves from day to day management of the real estate holdings. All tasks such as purchasing, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate portfolios are overseen and handled at a very low cost using a power team strategy.

Over a decade-long of hard work and dedication, Sudha has established HRC as a power house for real estate investors. As collaborating partners, investors can benefit from services of Sudha’s affiliated partners and himself. From creative financing to joint ventures, every solution is available to HRC's collaborating partner investors. HRC’s goal is to change the difficult ideology behind real estate investments to a stress free decision for every individual investor.

HRC's collaborating partners are benefiting from:

Buy low & sell high on invested properties
Joint ventures
Creative financing
Real estate broker services
Licensed general contractor services
Low cost improvement & re-habitations
Mint condition real estate management
Corporate litigation & structures
Tax planning & long-term saving strategies
Management of the Non-Residence Withholding-Tax account
Connecting with qualified immigration legal attorneys
Refinances & equity out from the invested properties
Post-disaster insurance claim negotiations & settlements
Ongoing quality improvements

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